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Open 4E Excel Spreadsheet
35.3 updated by Wildfire, with help from others on our forms.
31.4.2 updated by Wildfire, with help from others on our forms.
31.0.12 updated by Wildfire, with help from others on our forms. (PHB3)
29.5.2 updated by Wildfire, PbFarmer (MM2 Races)
29.2.1 updated by Wildfire (Primal Power)
28.2.1 updated by Wildfire, Lumens (Fixes Various Bugs)
27.2.2 updated by Wildfire, LamilLerran, Lumens (Adventurer’s Vault 2)
updated by Wildfire, Monroepiper, Lumens, Harknail (Divine Power)
23.8.4 updated by Elricz, Crysun, Harknail, _score (Arcane Power)
23.7.6 updated by Elricz, Darkwolf_Bloodsbane, Harknail, Phemedes (PHB2)
updated by Harknail, _Score, Elricz, Thrawn (New magic items)
23.2.3 updated by Elricz, Tar, Aielman, Harknail, Malekish (Fixes lots of bugs)
22.2.4 updated by Elricz, Score, Tar, Aielman, Harknail (Fixes lots of bugs)
21.3.7 updated by Harknail (Fixes the Blue image and languages for half elves.)
21.2.2 updated by Harknail (Fixed number of skills for Swordmage)
21.0.8 updated by Harknail (Fixes bug with some armor tables) updated by LobsterHime (Added Rituals)
updated by Harknail (Fixes mac crashes)
21.0.5 updated by LobsterHime (Includes adventurer’s vault magic items)
21.0 and all previous versions, updated by Ron R.

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PDF Character Sheets
Blank pdf character sheet
A fillable pdf with some features


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Well thats a PYT 😀
It also shows how changed the game actually was and a few details that were concealed so far. I can hardly wait for the release.

We can see that the paladin longsword is +3 which only affect the hit and not the damage. unless the person that filled it did it wrong, because the strength modifier before adding 1/2 level is +5 and there is in the damage table a +5 which i think is that one and a +3 that could be inearent from another feature on the second page that we don’t see or he putted the sword bonus there, we can’t tell

It says right next to the guys sword D8+8. I think he’s already got that counted in…

What interests me is that this side of the character sheet includes none of the special attacks? The only abilities it mentions are “lay on hands” and “dragon breath”.

Hopefully the back of the character sheets includes a big section where you can put down your special attacks!

This new sheet although cool looking and refined from earlier DND editions is some what bothersome.

First of all, i would like to point out that all this time we have heard that DND is simplifying to introduce new payers. WHAT THE HELL IS SIMPLE ABOUT THIS!! Everything requires so much more preparation. Even though it has enough space to write alot about your character (unlike third edition and 3.5) can you imagine the kind of preparation that is required to advance your character, like this add 1/2 level thing, let alone starting a new character.

Now because i can’t see the entire sheet, i don’t know for sure, but i am seeing some odd and misplaced +3’s and +2’s. I am pretty sure that i can clear that up. In the advance player’s handbook it says that skill training in varieties of weapons will affect the attack and damage of your weapons. if you look at the attak bonus section you can see an odd plus 3 under a sign that says PROF. i would guess that it means proficiency.

in a summary for my comment i would like to say that in order to make any fair judgement we should see the other side of the sheet.

finally they release the entire character sheet. and i pesonally have had my worries put at ease. the addition of so many more magic item slots really makes me think that the items you will be gaining will be valuable at each level of play.

and we can see that the powers you weild will be many, in all regards. i do find it interesting that like in online games and other games like them each class now has a set of skill and powers, if you will, that make them do what they do, even better.

one player is sold, the DND 4th edition has met all my expectations for a game as time tested as this one. play on!

Omg… I just cant wait till friday

The sheets are good expect that the excel ones only have the first page of the standard sheets. Would love to have a complete excel 4th Character Sheet so I can track my guys digitally.

Those editable sheets (Excel and PDF) are a huge help!

Thanks! :)

Why can’t i save the filled data on the fillable pdf? Is this an universal pdf feature or just a setting on this individual pdf? If latter, could someone please fix that.

If Ron R. can expand his sheet to do with Powers the same as he has done with Feats (maybe mimic the back of the character sheet like he does with the front), he will be my prsonal god.

Any chance of exporting this in open-office format?

How about power, rituals, magic items and other equipment lists? It would be very useful.

Ron R.’s sheet is fantastic… but I have one question about entering ability scores: how?

The instructions say the number in green includes racial modifiers, but the number I see there is the same before and after selecting a race. Additionally, the modifiers it puts into the abilities when selecting a race don’t stick around when I go to fill in a score. It doesn’t seem to add them together anywhere.

Am I missing something horribly obvious?

Using the Excel spreadsheet:

If you select a Eladrin Cleric you get shorted one trained skill. As a cleric you get Religion + 3 other trained skills, and as an Eladrin you get one more trained skill. The green number is showing as “3” not “4” when you select this combination.

One issue I noticed is when fighter is selected the armor choices do not include Plate. There is a way to fake the system out by selecting paladin first, assigning plate, and then switching back to fighter. Fighter may be drawing from the wrong table.

Great sheet otherwise. I appreciate your efforts.

How to you get the field to fill in in the “Damage Workspace”?

Workbooks is great!! But in paladin abilities, there are a few misspellings: Devine Mettle should be Divine Mettle & Devine Strength should be Divine Strength. Also, one can list their shield under other equipment but not armor nor weapons.

As a reply to Mike in post #15.
Plate is not listed as an armor proficiency for fighters.
See pg. 75 PHB.

Ron R.’s Amazing Excel Character sheet has a bug. For some characters, it gives you too many stat points. Try making a character with these stats 16,14,12,12,12,10 before racial adj. It’s 2 points too many but allows it. Select the Dragonborn race and you keep the extra points. Change the race to Eladrin and it adds up correctly.

Great sheet.

Any chance of getting a change log included in the ZIP file so I know if I should bother transferring my sheet from one version to another as the sheet is updated? I just spent an hour updating my character onto version 14 last night and now 15 is out 😉

Hi Jon B,
The sheet takes racial bonuses into account. If you spend your points and then change your race, the point total will change because your racial adjustments change.
Ron R.

Great spreadsheet. It really helped me understand the process of character generation since the PHB has details all over the place.

If I may point out an error in the Feats formula. On the hidden Sheet2 cells M323:M330 with the Vlookup function. It should have a FALSE added to the function:


For example: If you select the Armor of Bahamut feat it will not return the correct feat description unless you do.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for finding the Bahamut feat bug.
Armor of Bahamut thinks it’s out of alphabetical order because the Armor Proficiency feats next to it has an extra space between the first and second words. I will fix this in the next update.
Ron R.

An excellent character sheet, thanks so much for the work on this!

One suggestion: If you rename the file from .xls to .xlt Excel will treat it as a “Template” file so that any time someone chooses “Save” it will instead do a “Save As” as a .xls or .xlsx file.

This protects the blank sheet from being copied over by someone writing a character and choosing “Save”. Users can do this themselves, but it might something you’d want to do with your posted file.

Ron, I have a concern about the warlock.

In your sheet, it only allows you to choose the powers that are associated with your pact.

In the PHB, it states that a warlock can choose any of the powers, but only gains the bonus to the power if he has the appropraite pact. Similar to the way a rogue gains a bonus to his power when he is the trickster or artful dodger type.

I though you should know this.

There’s a bug with Warlocks. On your sheet once you pick one of the Pact (Fey, Stars, etc) it locks out which Powers you can pick. For a Warlock each Power is associated with one of the Pacts, but it isn’t limited to only that Pact. Any Warlock can pick any Power associated with any Pact. The only Powers that are “set in stone” based on your Pact are the At-Will Powers.

I also didn’t see any of the Warlock specific Feats listed (Improved Dark One’s Blessing, Improved Fate of the Void, Improved Misty Step) regardless of which Pact I picked.

Thanks for the fixes on the warlock!

Only one slight thing with the warlocks left…the at-wills. Still only allows you to choose the two associated with your pact.

Other than that…I have not been able to find anything else wrong with your sheet.

AWESOME JOB Rob….awesome job!

Dear Ron,

This excel sheet is absolutely amazing !
It helps my D&D group and me a great deal with our gaming experience.

A big thanks from my dutch friends and me ! :)

Any tips on printing the Excel sheets out and making them fit nicely on paper? When it’s set in portrait the attacks and feats get cut off, when in landscape the skills cut. Any suggestions anyone?

Way to go, nice spacing and print-ability. Works really well, leaves enough space for all needed info, and cleans up any campaign.

Great worksheet – Loving it! Only glitch I noticed at all was for a human that takes the Human Perseverance feat, it doesn’t update the saves.

Question abou the Attack and Damage Workspace areas. Any chance that the number of weapons that can be represented will be expanded? For instance, if I have a two weapon fighter (long / short sword) who also has a bow…

Second question – any reason the damage stats for the weapons don’t carry over the same way the attack stats do when listing the weapons? (at least not on mine…)

Sorry if this may have already been covered. Everything else on the sheet is great – thanks!

How do we send a paypal donation to Ron R. for his efforts.

I’d rather send him a donation than spend $20 for the official character sheets!

I have always believe in paying artists (musicians, writers, painters) for their works or they may not make any more.

I am also a child of the “Age of Shareware” of the internet. I have a lot of personal C++ libraries in a lot of code floating around cyberspace.



Is there a way to add custom material to the sheet. Things such as races, items, powers, and feats?

I am no expert in excel, but would like this option.

Very nice, it shows up how much better it is over the original character sheet shown at the back of the phb.


I’ve been using these since Version 7. Fantastic. We are starting to build up more weapons and such. Would be nice to almost move or add additional Damage and Attack Workspace. I know the purists will say don’t make it look any different but it would be nice if you had 3-4 Weapons to Choose from to be able to see all the modifiers etc.


The excel sheet has an error in the surge value calculation. It produced a value of 8 from 28 hit points which should be 7.

First off, the excel sheet is ridiculously awesome. As a DM making NPCs is a pain, but this has simplified everything.

Only suggestion/question I have is this: In higher levels, the amount of feats stack up beyond the available space. Would it be possible to automatically lengthen all the fields as they’re used to capacity or just make a version for paragon/epic tiers with more slots?


The character sheet is terrific.

A few additions I would like to see:

When a magic item adds to a skill check (sylvan armor, for example) it should add the skill+ automatically.

Multiclass feats do not currently add powers (The Warlord’s Inspiring Word with the Student of Battle Multiclass feat for example) to the drop-down lists. That would be a nice thing.

Is there a way to import the data from an older version like 15.15 to a newer version like 21?

Ron you did an AMAZING job with your character sheet. I was totally blown away. I did find a bug with HP though. It seems that at higher levels CON Abil Mod is not being included in Total HP. Keep u pthe FANTASTIC work.

I haven’t figured out how to get more powers and feats rows to show up past level 13.

I am getting file corupt messages when trying to unzip v21

If you select warrior of the wild, you do not appear to get a choice of an additional skill.

In the excel sheet version 21:
I was trying to make an elf fighter and had the following problem.
For Fighter’s weapon talent the option for two handed weapon is not included. Good Job on the sheet.

Hi Ron R.

I just like to say your Excel Character sheet is Amazing. And Like to know were can I find updates? Would it be here, or do you have an other website? I would like to get an updated sheet with the newer spells for the wiz.

The reflex misc box at the end of the row seems to be uneditable in Excell 2003. Anything that can be done to correct this?


lol im downloading the editable 1 right now.. ill probably get them all i think i might like d&d even though ive never played it before
lol 4th edition is hard for me =s

I noticed the Shifters were not included in the races from the monster manual.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together, it’s really useful! Version 17.1 worked fine for me, and is what I’ve been using. However, I just downloaded 21.0 and it’s not calculating the ability scores correctly (i.e., when I type 16 in Strength, the total amount of points remains 32). I’m gonna go back to using 17.1, but I’d like to try to figure out why 21.0 isn’t working in case I’m missing out on other information updates. I’m wondering if you’re using Excel codes from Office 2007 that isn’t backwards compatible? I only have Office 2000 and 2003 and 21.0 isn’t calculating correctly in either.

Hello Mr Ron. I have a concern with your character sheet in Excel. When I put in the dragonborn race as a paladin, after I pick multi-warlord and take combat veteran, the healing surge numbers are off.
For example, at level 30 with a con of 26, I have a con mod of +8 and 230 HP. 115 is half of 230. Bloodied is 57 HP. if you add 16 to that from the racial and the PP, that comes out to 73. In fact it is saying that I am getting 81 HP per surge. Please take a look. BTW the rest of it is AMAZING!!!

I was wondering if the Excel spreadsheet (which is brilliant by the way), will be updated to include the new Forgotten Realms Swordmage (class) as well as the 2 new races and the Spelscarred multi class and the new Warlock pact? Like I said previously, I think this spreadsheet is brilliant thusfar and look forward to all new releases, thank you SOOOOO much for this great resource!

Dave J.

Thanks for the update, but I noticed a few errors, that were carried over from version 19.3 of the sheet.

First, the “Long Jumper” feat adds +1 to the “Acrobatics” skill, instead of the “Athletics” skill.

Second, for the Ranger class features “Fighting Style”, “Archer Fighting Style” and “Two-Blade Fighting Style”, the word “Style” is misspelled as “Syle”.

Finally, when playing as an Archer type Ranger, you get the “Defensive Mobility” feat as a class feature; but it doesn’t show up on the character sheet.

For some reason, the latest version crashes Office 2007 on a Mac whenever I enter in the race. Also, how do we open the archived files? They are all password protected.

Are you going to release a new version soon which includes earth genasis as well ?

Ron R’s sheet is great. Could Ron R include an instruction file to edit the sheet? Armor Prof Scale requires the other Armor Profs to build, but these Profs are not included.

I would like to edit the lists available, but canna find the spots (even attempting to unhide the columns).

Let me know if you need email addy to send, or would post with update. :)



While we’re on the topic of typos, “Blade Opportunist” which is misspelt as “Oppurtunist”, and the Warlord daily power 1 White Raven Onslaught is still totally missing (as of ver 20.0.5)

Would it be possible to have this in a Open Office format? Otherwise completely kickass….Thanks

We might need to make a master list of items or a blog!

Like I found adding ‘Quick Draw’ does not update the Initiative calc (although there is a check for your Dex to have Quick Draw selectable as a feat).

Any plans on adding the magic items from the adventurer’s vault to your sheet?

Great job on this sheet!

Thanks for taking all the time to put this thing together. This is going to be a godsend for all my players, especially the ones new to D&D.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You should open up a paypal account for donations. I’d happily chip in.

Thanks for all the hard-work on the excel sheet! It’s amazing. One thing I noticed is that in the magic items section, adding a pact blade for warlocks doesn’t reflect the fact that it operates as a weapon AND an implement. Perhaps an easy fix would be to add the pact blade in the implement section as well.

I d/l an earlier version from somewhere else a while ago, and just stumbled on to your post here by accident. I’ve got to say say that I’ve probably tried close to a dozen different auto calculating sheets by now, and yours is the one I use exclusively. I was starting to get worried I’d have to switch to a different sheet. Just wanted you guys to know that yes, someone appreciates all the work you’ve put into this, and more importantly that you’ve been kind enough to share this with the rest of the DnD community.
I second someone else comment “You should open up a paypal account for donations. I’d happily chip in.”

Thanks again.

Awesome.. love it. But i find its missing all the LFR stuff. Would be amazing to add the Feats, Gods, Classes and Races. Other than that I love it. Thanks

In ver.21.0.5 & .6
When choosing a race, the racial bonuses don’t appear automatically anymore.

Thanks for creating this. It helps a lot. However, let me echo the calls for an Open Office version. The Feat, Powers, and Magic Items sections have, “Err:502” in the drop down menus and nothing else. Typing the appropriate information in the Feats fields will usually work, but I haven’t figured out how to do that for Powers or Magic Items.

Is there a problem with the latest 20.0.8 sheet download?
When download and try and open, windows says it is corrupt.
I can download/open the previous version OK.

What about the Forgotten Realms races, classes, and gods? I love the file, but I am limited on which format I use this with.

the only thing i could tell that would be a fairly easy upgrade would be to add Epic Destinies. I would do it, but as I’m overloading on courses at the moment, i don’t have the time.

I saw that there is a new 4th edition book out that has some new classes such as sword mage. Do you have any plans to add these classes into this spreadsheet?

Also, wanted to say Thanks! for the sheet. This has been a time saver for me.

When creating 1st level characters, the sheet is adding an extra 12HP to the HP calulations. A new character who should have 14HP ends up with 26. Advice?

I love this spreadsheet, it has been the #1 tool I have used in 4th Edition. Any idea when some of the FR classes will make it in or races?

Very useful sheet indeed. While looking at adding more Races, I think I can improve on the maintainability of the sheet by changing the manner of table lookups. Instead of putting formulaic values into tables to set values (e.g. check out Sheet2 at the intersection of Dwarf & Endurance : =IF(Race=”Dwarf”,2,0))
This is totally unnecessary and obfuscates the data in the table. You’ve done this in order to use SUM at the bottom of the table, but since you can only be one race, a lookup is better. At the bottom left of the table use this:

And then drag this along the bottom row. A similar technique can then be used for other race and class tables. Then replace the IF clauses in the table body with the simply numerical values of the bonus.

Just my $0.02

Please ignore my last comment. I see in the latest version that you have implemented VLOOKUP with greater frequency in the Race sheet. I wonder if there is some reason you aren’t using it for the skills bonuses.

In response to Al (nov 16).

The starting HP of a character adds the constitution SCORE. Not the modifier. So if you are, say, a cleric, your starting HP is 12 + con score. So if your starting constitution score is 14, then your HP will be 26. Instead of making your HP 14 total (which is 12 + 2 (con MOD))

So this sheet is correct. This info is all on page 30 of the PHB.

Dunno if it’s a bug in Office 2008, but the Skill Focus (Arcana) feat adds the +3 to Acrobatics instead. Other than that, it’s rather spot on.

We I create a paladin and then give him a skill focus the + appears against the feat above the feat chosen.

wow…this is great…you really did a great job with this. Are you planning on any more updates? like the MP or some of the higher level powers?

I love this sheet. Would be good to see the Swordmage and Barbarian powers added.

Just a progress update. There is now a community of people working on the character sheet. It is our intention to add new material as it is published, but first we have to restructure the spreadsheet to be more efficient in it’s calculations and to simply adding of new material.

We don’t often check the comments here, if you would like a fast response (usually within a day) use the forum thread above. You can also download the latest versions from links in that thread.

What a great addition to our game! Many thanks to all involved.

We will be using laptop computers for the first time this Friday (after Thanksgiving) to control the characters. All 5 players and myself will enjoy the freedom and space made available on the gaming table! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Are u guys working on add all feats, including FRCS, and the dark pact variabilities such as powers?
Its a really great job btw

i noticed that the spreadsheet doesn’t add shield bonus to ac. just thought id put a notification/request. otherwise, great jobs guys, this is incredibly useful and it sure is helpiing me learn excel functions and such

I found a small error, that I thought I should report.
The feat Alertness does not add the +2 to perception, it adds it to Nature instead.
Otherwise it seems like a very nice utility.

I know you said you don’t look here much but is thier a way for us to get the latest one your working on, I found a flaw and upon further investigation your alot higher in the work then whats listed at the top of this page.

Great Work and we appreciate all the work

Excellent work… don’t you have other character sheet including the genasi race and the swordsmage and warlock dark pact? i mean, the new things from the Forgotte realms. Ah, and some features from the martial power rule book?

Bang up job on this sheet for sure!

Has anyone given thought to adding the background options from the Forgotten Realms books?

When are character sheets going to do more then list characters’ powers? I play all caster classes and having to calculate my powers everytime I use them is a pain. (to offset the ridiculous boredom of rolling 1d20; 1d10 every round for my basic at will…) Why aren’t there any powers attack/damage/ effect cells on the character worksheet?

Minotaur’s can no longer use Large Weapons.

Where do you go to edit the class box? I am trying to add Bard to the file but for the life of me I can’t figure out where the class box is being populated.

Love the work you’ve done. Although i would like to know if you are planning an updated version that has the new stuff from the Martial Powers book

Umm, which should be downloaded? 21.3.7? When I print it, it is slightly off, and thievry (i think) cuts to the next page as well. Good i guess besides that technical error. Oh, and do the armors you are wearing automatically factor into the defenses?

I love this character sheet, very impressive. One question though, I noticed you guys started inputting the Forgottem Realms Players Guide info, when is this going to be completed with a full list update? Also, will adventurers vault be inputted as well?

For some reason, when I create a rogue and give him “Sylvan” armor, it causes an error on several skills (Stealth and atheletics, I think).

Toughness no longer adds the 5hp/tier as of version 22…

I love these sheets; but are the shifter stats and racial abilities going to be updated?

To fix the toughness bug, go to Name Manager and change the definition of CalcHP from =Class!$I$2 to =Class!$I$2+Feats!$AA$176. Enjoy!

v22 is coming back as an invalid archive. Unable to use.

First let me say I love the character sheet. Cant wait for all the new stuff to get added. Im not sure where to report a bug so I will do it here. Skill Training is only allowed to be selected once. Thanks again

I love the character sheet! Everything works perfectly, except I noticed that when I added the “initiative of the faith” feat, it didn’t add the trained skill religion, and when I manually added it it still counts against you. Other than that though, everything is amazing!

Is anyone else getting a 404 error when you try to download the most recent version? (Ver. 23.2.3)

Yep. 404. I’m looking forward to this newest version too as I’m hoping that Toughness bug and now the Total # of Healing Surges bug are some of the included fixes in it. Anyone wanna chime in on any one of these issues, 404 error included?

Has anyone been able to get the Footwork Lure At-Will for the Fighter class to show up? Or any of the martial Power At-wills for a fighter class

First congratz to all that work hard in this Char Sheets. I found a bug when i try add the feat “Astral fire”. I had to write this feat coz it isnt there.

Thx to all.

Using 23.2.3

It won’t let me select a wide array of AV armors. Perhaps these are just not implemented yet.

When I choose a Magic Holy Symbol as an implement (or it appears any holy symbol, both with a cleric or paladin) it will not let me select an enhancement level.

To 23.2.3 version.
I find that when I choose an armor the armors presented aren’t right for that kind of armor. I have a cleric but I can’t see the Dwarven Armor.
I Fixed the problem in the cells N6-N149 of the sheet MagicArmor, where the A5:A150 range in not absolute and change with the rows (Axample, becomes A6:A151 in the N7 cell).
Instead of these, all the cells in the range N6:N149 would have the fixed reference $A$6:$A$149.
I’ll hpe to I’m not wrong…
Superb work, anyway!

I like your sheet a lot, I was wondering if I am missing a way to enter Feats not listed or is there a vehicle to request content additions?

The XL Character sheet is really impressive. A great deal of work went in to this. Thanks so much for this great gaming tool!

This is great! Thanks for all the hard work!

Current version is not calculating Swordmage Implement Attacks correctly. It is not including bonuses from magic item enhancements.

I don’t have Excel. It would be nice if the spreadsheet coulb be ported to Quartro Pro which I do have.

Thank you guys to bring us that excel character shhet, it’s so convenient. i use it each time i must make a new character and i use it to show my friends their mistakes too. it pretty awesome, thanks.

There is a bug with armour stealth enhancments.
Sylvian Armour’s +6 to Stealth is not recognized on the Skills Table.
I have traced the Bug to Sheet “MagicItems” Cell V1 and/or V9.
The bug is the result of the “MAX” function In cell V1 Interpreting the value in cell V9 as text.
I have not been able to determine why this is.

Thunderwave, under basic attack, needs a fix.

attack is calculated correctly (as a number)
defense is calculated as a number (it should be set to Fort, not a number)
damage is written incorrectly (6d2+0, where 0 should be a nonzero [in my case a 1d6+4])

other than that, I LOVE IT!

it wont let me download it O.o

think sumone can tell me what i could be doing wrong?

@User347 (and maintainers)
I’m willing to bet you’re a human and Thunderwave is your third feat. There’s a bug in the look up for the defence and damage for the third at-will.

Unprotect the sheet.
Unhide the Attacks tab.
In E31, change “6” to “7”.
In F31, change “8+” to “7+”.
In G31, change “9” to “8”.
In H31, change “11” to “10”.
Hide the Attacks tab.
Protect the sheet again.

Bah! s/third feat/third at-will/

Double Bah!

In E31, change “7” to “6”.

Ok I know I’m being stupid, but how do you add shields on the character sheet?

Sorry Tim

@121 (Tim)

Under Magic Items – Arms.
It will only show Bracers unless you have the appropriate feat or race/class ability, tho. For my Dwarven Cleric, I had to take Shield Prof before shields were available in the drop-down list.

when will the new spread sheet for the phb2 be available

I believe the character sheet is missing the Deva race.

Does anyone know when they’ll update the Excel Character sheet for PHB2?

I just recently got it and am trying to make a good computerized version before I jump into the real world version.

ya i am trying to make a barbarian any sugestions on stats equipment feats and combat stuff 😛

Why is the PDF one not as expansive as the Excel one? I don’t have excel on my computer T_T

Any chance we could get the Melee Training feat broken out into the ability that you would like to use and that ability be used for the attack and damage calculations? Also the AtWill Bard range abilities are not adding in implement bonus to damage.

Fantastic sheet, thank you VERY much.

Glad I Paypaled at the beginning of this project.

Question: How do I access further skills such as Passive Insight or Passive Perception.
I am sure I am just missing where to enter them.

Hello Gentlemen:
I love character sheets that you can you fill-in with pull-down options. HOWEVER, here comes bad news;when I downloaded this (23_7_6)updated by Elricz, Darkwolf_Bloodsbane, Harknail, Phemedes (PHB2).This zipped file, gave me error, were is the rest of zipped file. Please help me
Thank You
Timothy J. Tilch

First of all, thanks for making these character sheets. Now I just wanted to let you know that the Primal Gardian Druid’s ability isn’t working. it still pulls from dex/int for the AC. Also Druids get 3 starting at-will powers. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again.

Thirst of Battle Heroic Feat from PH2 is actually bugged. The spreadsheet gives you +3 initiative and +3 healing surge, instead of +3 initiative and +1 healing surge.

I just found this looking for a blank pdf of the 4e character sheet, and I must say that I am impressed, I did not know you could even do all of that in excel

Good job all of you that worked on it!

Great job! Can’t wait until all Bard paragon paths are entered.

When i create a fighter with Scale armor and a heavy shield, and a warden with hide and a heavy shield, for some reason the fighter has a lower total check. Both are proficient in their current armor, and with a heavy shield

You spelled the feat: Strength of Valor wrong. You spelled it “Strengh”.

has anyone tested the spread sheet charactor records with Open Office? Not everone has Excel but everyone can download Open Office for free.

When I download 23.7.6 My computer says its an invalid or corrupted zip file. I have tried opening it and saving to file and then opening it.

Could you please add the rituals to PHB2?

Awesome sheet, love your work. One problem I’ve had come up: when the Bardic Dilettante feat is selected, the +1 to all untrained skills feature fills in, which multiclassing shouldn’t provide.

Awesome job! I did notice that the basic damage wasn’t calculating right when I made my Eladrin Fighter, with the feats for Eladrin Soldier & Weapon Focus. I have him using a Longspear (polearm & spear) and when I selected either options for Weapon Focus (again, polearm or spear) it wasn’t giving me the extra +1. It only took into consideration the Eladrin Soldier feat I took.

love this, it works great, however in the latest version, 23.7.6 i cannot select the dilettant power, it just shows me a blank box, not sure if it is me or the sheet, but i thought i would let you know!

and thanks for your hard work, this is a master piece of programming!

I am very grateful to you for that excel-based character sheet. I was looking for something like that and the sheet was a blast… Anyway, can you tell me how can I add custom weapons or powers? Thanks for everything, I am a follower from now on!

This is great but I’m having an alighment problem – on the second page the check boxes are way too high and they blend into the above line. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a solution?

I think that in 23.7.6 you’re missing the skill “Weapon Expertise” from PHB2. Let me know if I’m mistaken, thanks.

Do any of these include the martial powers book? If not, how come? Is it too much effort to include it or do people not see it as a real book? Thanks

Just want to say you guys are done a great job. The only problem I have encountered on the new update, is that the information for the Sharpshooter paragon class is not correct. Thanks again for this great site and the great job you’all are doing with the character sheet.

You guys have done a fantastic job on this excel. There’s a small error for the Dreadnought Paragon Path for the Class Features. It shifts to Dread Reaper. Please keep up the great work!

Hi, fantastic job on the spreadsheet! I think it’s missing the Alchemist feat from the Adventurer’s Vault p.21.

Just made a gnome rogue with 23.7.6. It used the dexterity bonus for basic melee attack instead of strength and I can’t see why it would do that.

Love this charcter sheet! Its been a great help with my 4e games. I wonder, when making a Paladin, how do you specify for them to attack with STR based skills and not charisma?

Could somebody update the character sheet for Dragon Magazine and Arcane Power?

I noticed that some of the paragon feats show up on the character sheet before their appropriate time. eg. I have a 13 Tiefling Invoker and “Penance” is not usable til “lvl 16” if there is a way to fix this it would be great. Otherwise Just change the text so that it mentions (LVL16+). i have modified my charachtersheet to do this already but if there is a better way please updat in the public release.

It would also be nice to incorporate the Power Cards from snother charachtersheet i found into this character sheet.

Question – When I added Bracers of Archery to a 6th level ranger with archery fighting style using a +2 vicious greatbow, the character sheet did not show an item bonus of +2 to damage. Does this item bonus not stack with the magic of the Greatbow? Or is this an error in the spreadsheet? By the way this is an excellent tool for both the players and DMs when a DM wants to create a truly memorable NPC to use in the game. Thanks a lot Ron.

Dear Ron R.,
Just a quick note with a problem i noticed on the character sheet. The Warlord Paragon paths aren’t displaying the correct abilities on the character sheet (i.e. the Battlelord of Kord paragon path gives you the abilities of the Borderlands Marshal Paragon path). If you could fix this bug as soon as possible, I would really appreciate it.

Some problems that my group have had with the character sheet are as follows and we would like them to be fixed or if someone could teach us how to fix the sheets ourselves. Otherwise, I love these sheets and am very thankful to the people who take the time to make/fix/update them.

Some of the Warlord Paragon paths are not functioning properly (i.e. showing different class features than the ones listed in the book)

Occasionally unable to access current hit point box and healing surges box.

Melee Training feat is unresponsive to ability change in attack and damage workspace.

‘Quick’ Enchantment for the crossbow is not available on the character sheet.

It’s quite simple and great application con gratulations but you forgot to add “Manual of the Planes” and of course the new brand “Arcane Power” also would be great to have additional sheets to describe powers with the actual score values.

Anothe quotation like Frank said you should validate the skills values for trained skills and bonus because put an X it’s not practical for new excel users

When are the Arcane Power options going to be added. Also, the multi-class feat for the bard is incorrectly represented on the latest sheet.

A great sheet I’d post on the forum but I won’t allow me to join. There are a few annoying things (23.7.6): 1) You can’t select PH2 only in the filters. PH2 won’t work unless you have Martial power selected. 2) Some typos like “RRENT SURGE USES” should be Current Surge Uses. Warlord Util 6 Inpiring Reaction should be Inspiring Reaction. 3) Some other things – You can’t have Darkleaf Cloth armor. Some Brava Warlord options show up when only PH is checked.

Quick note, the excel sheet fails to allow you to exchange ritual caster for alchemist. Other than that is the most valuable resource in character creation on the net.

23.8.4 link isn’t working, but I have to major kudos on this. Great rate of updating to include new materials and the sheets are excellent, and I recommend them to all my players for tracking and upadating their characters with.

Have you added players handbook 2?

Every time I go to download the Arcane Power updated version it says “Error 404 – Not Found”. Has anybody else had these troubles?

I keep getting an Error 404 when I go to download the latest spread sheet. WTF?
The others are GREAT though!

Hurm. Every time I try to download the new version of the sheet I get a 404 error. I assume others are having this problem, since the comment above me has.

The Character File sheet is corrupted, please could you upload a good version of it. Thank you very much :)

By the way in the last vesrsions is missing the Manual of the Planes.

Can not download newest sheet… giving 404 error

Now the download is perfect thank you 😉

My only problem is that I don’t find the arcane familiar feat(s) for my warlock.
Great character sheet, keep up the good work!

I cant find Manual of the Planes Paragon Paths…
Great Character sheet

Please add rituals from PHB2 :)

Great resource for us Mac users who can’t use the Character Builder, thanks.

My comment: all the Channel Divinity stuff seems to have been left off the Invoker.

I need Epic Destinies… its one of the few things it’s missing. Though I understand why with all then new stuff that has to be added with each book that comes out. Great Sheet though.

Really good but:
There isnt the arcane familiar feat
Choosing dragon magic for a sorcerer dosent add your strength to your AC
No matter how many skills I count myself as trained in, the green number at the top dosnt reduce.

As others have stated, great sheet, particularly for Mac users.

On the most recent version of the sheet 23.8.4, Bardic Dilettante is bugged.
*It does highlight Bard skills as class skills.
*It doesn’t add to the count of skill choices.
*It doesn’t give Majestic Word 1/day.
*It does give +1 to all untrained skills, as though it were the Bardic Ritualist feat (which it shouldn’t.)

Just a heads up :)

Also: Registered at the forums to post this, but after logging in I wasn’t allowed to read or post in any threads.

Is there a way to import data from the last toon sheet to the new one?

It appears that although this sheet has added the information from the Arcane power book, it does not include anything for arcane familiar feats.

great resource!!! but just a fyi the new warlock paragon path hellbringer doesn’t show up as a option

23.8.4 does not have the feat Backstabber listed. =)

NM seems it was loading realllly slowly for me sry

Is there any way to do Paragon multiclassing on this sheet?

Wow, this is a really nice!
Very intuitive and user friendly.
Any chance you guys might be adding the play tested material in i.e. monks 😀

Any chance to get Alchemy added as a feat and Alchemical Items added? Also Feats from Dragon magazines would be nice.

Thanks for the links to these. Very helpful, especially since I am used to 3.5 edition stuff.

When can we expect the next update for the Monster Manual 2 PC’s and Eberron Player’s Guide?

Fey Blades feat is incorrect, it should increase damage with all light and heavy blades, not only longswords.

We love this spreadsheet. Entire party is using it. I’ve recently tried to create a Bard, and I’m finding the musical instruments in PHB 2 can’t be picked up as implements, the bard paragon paths and bard and other rituals from Arcane Power aren’t included. It makes it harder to pull the whole character together. But on the whole it is a great tool. Many many thanks,

Is it normal for the excel sheet to take like 15secs to become responsive after “touching” any field? I have a dual core processor, winxp and office 2007.

Is Bardic Ritualist supposed to add +1 to all untrained skills? I thought this was a bug, but one person’s comments indicate that it is not a bug. Bardic Ritualist also adds Arcana as a trained skill then adds another training slot and I think it should not. In both cases I hope the sheet is correct :)
I have had a LOT of fun with this spreadsheets. Thank you for all the hard work.

Boots of striding doesnt add 1 to your speed. Also I can find the Arm slot for armor to add my shield. Am I just blind and missing it?

Thank you for this.

Please fix the shield bug. on the new version, there is no place to put a shield on your char sheet. It only has a space for bracers. I am playing with a shaman, and would like to see if it is worth the feat to get a shield proficiency. Also, the previous version allowed you to put shields under arms, but it didn’t add the AC bonus to your AC. My whole group uses this generator and we love it. Thanks a lot, and again please fix this bug.

What about Rituals? They seem to be rather lacking are they not updated with content form all the books?

Can’t get the feats to work properly w/ latest build. I go to look at drop down menu and get “Err:502”. Odd thing is that Enter a Single feat in the firest row, but only if I copy it from the feats Sheet. Never had this problem before while using Open office or even Office.

Hello, I’d like to report an error in the sheet. When creating a fighter character they seem to get an extra feat marked as available ( for example at level 2 dwarven fighter gets 3 feats instead 2 ).

Great resource! Is it planned to be updated with the AV2 stuff?

Your point buy system is a bit different from mine, is there an easy way to change from yours to mine that I could do on my end.

For example 14 costs 2 points and 18 costs 4 points on yours. Our system is 14 costs 1, and 18 costs 3. That is the only change I would need to make.

The combat commander feat bonus isn’t working.

Thx for your great work your sheet are amazing !!!

You might want to look a the feats box on the character sheet. You are missing some feats form the Player’s Handbook I.

Steve P.

are there anymore good roleplaying games?

Quicksilver blade initiative bonus does not work.

Zephyr Boots are still missing, I’m surprised its an easy fix.

Cannot make shuriken a Determined weapon.

Kudos on fixing the Sylvan Armor I traced that formula back to the error but couldn’t fix it for the life of me.
Good Job

I love the sheet, but unfortunately I’m the only one in my family who can use it, because it doesn’t work well in Open Office, and I am the only one with Microsoft Office.

Is there any chance that the compatibility with Open Office could be enhanced? Included as a separate version perhaps?

Still, and all, GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

on two of my defenses, both ac and ref, im getting Err:508 in the spot for feat bonus. did i do something wrong?

It is a nice new sheet, but unfortinatly I can’t make a sorcerer, because there are missing some magic weapons like the wyrmtooth dagger, and there is a fault in the extra damage a sorc gives. hope it will be fixed for the next sheet :)


The feat: “Thirst for Battle” is still bugged. It should be +3 initiative and +1 Healing surge, while on the character sheet it does +3 init and >> +3 Healing surge

Very nice sheet, my whole group uses it. I can’t seem to find the Arcane Familiar feat, although the follow-up feats for it are on the list.

To anyone having issues with the printing, install the “Calibri” font. Search google for it, plenty of sources for download. This font is installed with Office 2007. Print on Letter paper. If you use A4, use Letter anyway and let your printer or Acrobat convert to A4 on the fly.

The spreadsheet works reasonably well with OpenOffice 3.0.1 (tested on Ubuntu Linux 9.04, 64-bit), and Calibri font installed. Some pull-downs show a lot of 0 data, but the correct options are always at the bottom.

Hey folks, Wildfire here.

Thanks for all the comments. We’re trying to get things fixed as best as possible.

I would HIGHLY recommend posting any problems to the forums thread listed above. I (along with many others of the team) tend to check that much more frequently than this page. In addition, wou’ll be able to get the latest version there (although they do tend to be beta).

As an example, version 29 with Primal Power is available now.

Thanks again!


Hey there. Much props for the effort this project must have required and for the love which has obviously been put into it. I wanted to ask, though: is it just me, or are there many many feats missing? PHB 1 feats like Astral Fire and Quick Draw?

im gonna play a blond with 18 dex and con no int or wisdom and moderate str and dex and call her betty

I play to 4.0 at school and I have a dragonborn paladin, HP is supposed to be 15 + Const Mod as I have +2 it does 17. But in your sheet, I have 25 base. I searched to modify that but I can’t find anything for.

I noticed that HP are programmed for “X + (Const Mod x2)”. I entered 10 for a modifier of 0 then 14 for +2 and it added 4 HP. It is not what the player core book says.

How to modify that or will you correct that? Thank you.

[…]I play to 4.0 at school and I have a dragonborn paladin, HP is supposed to be 15 + Const Mod as I have +2 it does 17. But in your sheet, I have 25 base. I searched to modify that but I can’t find anything for.

I noticed that HP are programmed for “X + (Const Mod x2)”. I entered 10 for a modifier of 0 then 14 for +2 and it added 4 HP. It is not what the player core book says.

How to modify that or will you correct that? Thank you.[…]

That’s not actually correct, as for Paladins your initial HP score is 15 + your con SCORE.

Assuming you put in a 10 con (which is what it sounds like), you get 25 HP, which is correct. Con mod applies to the number of SURGES that you get.

I’m trying to figure out what exactly your stats are so that I can look in to it. Could you post on the forums please?


Is it just me or did the Fast Runner feat disappear from this update?

Where did the spreadsheet forum thread disappear to? I love the sheet, and look forward to the constantly updated revisions.

We are having an issue with the forums. Updates will be posted here http://dnd4.com/forums-issue

Well, there are no multiclass feats and it crashed my excel. I want to like it, but until I can successfully get it to build a 4th level Rogue I can’t really give it the stamp of approval.

I do appreciate the people working on this, though — open source all the way!

Thank you so much whom ever has made these, you have made my life much easier. I stumbled upon this yesterday and was like woohoo! I’ve been filling in with pencil which works but this is much faster. :)

First off; a million thanks for this sheet and all the hard work put into it! It’s been such a huge asset for me.

Wondering if the newest version includes the Martial Powers 2? If not; is there an ETA for this update?

Type your comment here.A wery usefull tool!!
I’ve to notice 2 bugs for the barbarian sheet:
1) till the latest release the sheet give a +2 class bonus ti reflex defens.it’s wrong.
2) the hide armor expertise feat doesn’t work.
Anyway it’s a fantastic tool!very compliment to the developper/s!!

I am trying to add all the races from AD&D like Irda (High Ogres). But I am have some trouble trying to add races to the character sheet. I am using Excel 2007. How can I update the list of races?

is there an ETA for how long until a sheet with the PHB3 is available?

Just started using this, and I think it’s awesome. Thanks!

When are we going to see the player’s handbook 3 add-on (without play test)?

Just noticed on my first character, a Dragonborn Tactical Warlord with Tactician’s Scale…

The Dragon’s Breath isn’t an option for the melee pre-calc. I realize it might be a problem with not knowing which stat to use for Attack, but would be a nice add-on. :)

Also, the Tactician Scale; would be nice to see his Tactical Presence reflect the +1 Bonus. :)

First off, thanks guys for making this wonderful sheet, it saved me many times on simple mistakes I had personaly made. Though when it comes to adding books, the directions are lost on me, otherwise I’d love to add books myself. Office 2007 and I just can’t figure it out.
There are a few glitches I notice, mostly multiclassing things, such as for the Multiclass power under encounter powers, it has the formulae for the multiclass Warlock, but when I want to multiclass Druid with ‘Initiate of the Old Faith, there is nowhere to put my power because it’s ‘reserved for warlock at-will to encounter power’ which is the same effect that happens with druid powers. :( Just thought I’d heads up about that, unless anyone else hasn’t expirienced issues. I thought it was strange.

Does anyone know when the PHB3 update is coming?

I just discovered these awesome character sheets the other day, and I must say that they are simply amazing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the stone fist feature for the monk, and it won’t let me edit what I need to do it myself, so I’ll just have to do it from scratch for this character…Great program nonetheless!

Awesome! Been waiting for this update. It seems to have the majority of options from Martial Power 2 included, but I noticed the Battlefront Leader option is missing from the Warlord’s Class Features.

how do i get a sheet that can just be done with a pencil and paper?

You guys are amazing. The work with macros here is really impressive, and extremely useful. Thanks!

Just print off the character sheet without filling in any fields and you can fill it in with pencil and paper. Otherwise you can buy the character sheets at WoTC. Comes with some blank power cards too which are pretty cool.

Maybe it’s me, but whenever I try and input spectral plate (magic armor AV 2) it doesn’t remove the -2 check and -1 speed penalty from plate armor. This is very irritating, because I like to take a quick glance at my stats while playing. If you could fix that, or let me know how I can fix that, that would be great.

Hi, I would like to point to point out that the armor check penalties for scale don’t seem to populate. Also the Endurance bonus from dwarven armor does not populate.

I love this sheet!! I’ve been using it for a while and I’m glad the MP2 is in the new edition. I noticed that the Red Cloak paragon path isn’t an option though…

Great stuff. The Warlord’s Battlefront Leader option from MP2 is still missing though. WOuld be nice to see it added in next update :)

Great stuff, thanks for the work.

I notice that condordant leader is missing as a paragon path.

Thanks again.

Current version is not calculating Swordmage Implement Attacks correctly. It is not including feat bonuses from versatile expertise heavy blade/weapon. Also Missing sheet seems to see the Khopech at only an axe not an axe/heavy blade.

Not finding tigerclaw guantlets in the item list, even when setting the character level over the level 8 item.
Also, when creating a hybrid character, it is giving me swift charge, even when I am not selecting Rageblood vigor, which I would need to to get the feat.
I do not see rampage which I do get.
I also do not see an easy way to select the Paragon Tier Hybrid option (PHB3 p136)
Sugestion for the feats area: Place the descriptions beside the feat instead of below. Even with priinting you just get a second sheet I would think.

I agree with diogenes. I really like the PDF version of the sheet. What can be done about making it save information.

wow!!! this is a fantastic tool!!!! great job and keep up the good work.

It is a useful character sheet, have you an spanish version, i can help you if you say me how can i change the words to spanish.

How do you add the githzerai bonus ability score choice between str and dex?

I love this character sheet! It’s sooo helpful. I’m really excited you’re working on Dark Sun in your next few updates. Thanks again!!!

Any plans to incorperate Dark Sun rules to this?

Why doesnt this frickin website show how to fill out the sheet I NEED TO KNOW MAN!

I really like you’re character sheet. However, when I use it, it crashes my Excell every time. I’m using OSX and have the latest version of MS Office. Hope that you guys can figure out why this happens.

Great sheet. I love it…

I did find one error. I have a deva avenger with battlefield intuition feat. This will add the +2 to init, but it will not change the base attribute to Wisdom.

Also, claytonofbricks (above), have you tried openoffice instead of excel?

So is there going to be an update to add content from Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms and Heroes of the fallen lands? Or has this already been done?

By the way, great program. Thank you so much, it’s easy to use and understandable!

excellent program.

maybe you should send your resume to wotc.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you updat your builder faster than wizards updates the cb.

It could even be possible that 3rd-party online builders the idead to put the cb online.


a con organizer in the Netherlands


why do you want my mail adress ?

I love this! This is awesome! Seriously nice coding!

Do you intend to include the stuff from Dark Sun? And if so, do you have an estimate as to when that might be available?

I came across a problem with shields with the Excel character sheet
It doesn’t add the bonus AC to the AC score
it’s kind of annoying for a paladin class

Is there a feat for training in armor proficiencies? I use a Ranger and want chain mail armor but without the feat that is in the handbook I cannot get chain mail. Is there a different feat that I should be looking for here?

Hi there, i find your sheet quite usefull, the best i have seen so far, the only problem i find is that i cant seems to find a way to add a Race.

Hi there. Great sheet, thanks! Me and my friends have been using it for some time now.
Just a little bug pointer:
When picking the character background “(DP) Found Religion Among Others”, it is not possible to select another skill bonus other than Diplomacy. According to DP this can also be “a skill another race gains a bonus to” (p. 129).
Just so you know. :)
Thanks again!

Add the Heroes of Shadow stuff please!!!! As soon as possible!!!!

The one thing I would like is if the attack and damage workspace only took up one slot per weapon. I have a War Pick as my main weapon and a Handaxe as my secondary, and what I want is for there to be a Damage and Attack workspace for my War Pick as well as my Handaxe. Other than that, the sheet is amazing.

I just downloaded this and the powers list isn’t showing..

did Hide Armor Expertise from Primal Power get nerfed? The feat explanation says it gives +2 to AC instead of giving a bonus from int/dex; according to my hardcopy it should use con (I have 18 Con so bonus to AC should be Hide’s +3 and my Con’s +4 for a total of +7 in the armor/abil box…no?)