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Wizards has produced two funny little flash movies as a preview for 4th edition. One is an interview with a beholder. The other is with a gnome (who looks very strange) and a tiefling.

The Red Dragon

The Beholder

The Tiefling and the Gnome

The Mindflayer

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That’s cool. I wonder if I can have them on my blog, too. I reckon there will be many more Flash games as the development advances.

Take the whore race from 3.5 and make it core in 4E. Fourth Edition, now with extra munchkin.

Fuggin hysterical. Can’t wait to get my hands on 4e already!

Not sure I dig moving the gnomes, but if it’s not too difficult to translate them from the monster manual into a player character, then that’s alright.

“I called my mom and I said guess what and she said what and I said I’m a monster ROAWR!”
Meh: I do have to admit that WoTC seems to be making DND more like WOW.
This said of course, some changes needed to happen from 2nd and I think 3.5 did a decent job of it.
Is 4E going in the right decision? I’m not sure, I feel like the story has suffered from 2 to 3.5 due to to concentration on crunch vs fluff (mechanics vs content) and that this will only increase with 4e.
Does WoTC, as a company, need to make the move to 4e … yes. They need to attract a younger crowd for their products to remain viable, people from my generation (I’m 33 BTW) will buy but WoTC sees an untapped market and so they are trying to appeal to that market.
One of the things they are also trying to do is dissacociate themselves from the typical English Fantasy setting of knights and castles. Settings like Dark Sun and, more recently, Ebberon have done a great deal for the diversity of the Tabletop RPG and I think that supporting a move to a less cookie cutter setting by implementing non style specific rules, will help.
Anyways, this is turning into a rant and that would be best in my own blog. :)

This iteration of the game enhances combat and character enjoyment *in combat* there are no role-play enhancements, nothing to deepen the game I look to when MMORPGs become monotonous. This is an MMORPG on paper. Why would I do that when I can play a REAL MMORPG? The tabletop is the interaction between the DM and the players and the things you can’t get from an MMORPG. The rogue conning thr bartender out of the nights income, the paladin facing an alignment altering decision about his church. these are the things that need to be enhanced, not making sure joe munchkin can pwnzor the kobolds in combat.

what manny of you people are missing is that the role playing aspect is not somthing that wizards can control or truelly inhance, all they can do is make the game more conducive to it. the player DM relationship will always be there, and there will probably be more of because there will be less rooting through rule books. and really how will moving the gnomes hurt anything?

Awwww…I will miss gnomes…They were my favorite race to play as…I really am not overly excited by this whole 4E thing, however, those videos make me lol hard. Now I have to have them for myself.

What is it with all those ‘they are dropping the story part for the mechanic part’?

A good player and DM know that WoTC have nothing to do with storytelling. It completly the work of the DM and the players.

So if your storytelling suffered after the switch from 2nd to 3rd and so on. Don’t look at WoTC as a scapegoat look at yourself.

WoTC is only making the rule more simple so we can spend less time rolling and making cacul and more time role-playing and having fun.

thank you finally someone who understands
what roleplaying really is

While I am not a fan of 3.5 and am equally leary of 4E, these videos are fantastic. It’s always great to see things from the monsters’ point of view…and we’ve all had that party member (whether his race was human, halfling, gnome, or even kender) that reminds us of that freaky gnome! ROFLMAO

I think 4e will do a great job of streamlining combat so it wont take an hour to go through one round of combat.

and to the statements about lack of RP fluff. . .tabletop games are more fun because you can add/change things as you see fit in a situation and theres the sheer openendedness of being able to get into character- the warlord has enormous potential aswell as the paragon paths for each class.

basically if you have no imagination this will hurt you but then you probally were never interested in DnD if you lacked imagination.

To Xeno:
“What is it with all those ‘they are dropping the story part for the mechanic part’?”

I understand that Wizards does not control the RP portion of the game. If we wanted, we could forgo all rules and simply adlib.

the problem here is that the more rules the put in, the less playtime we have to concentrate on RP.

Harken back to the golden age of Second Edition. You had Fighter, Mages, Rogues, Paladins, Druids and Preists … that was it!

No prestige classes, no feats, nothing. So what differentiated Elrim the fighter from Bob the figther? Roleplay.

To make your character special and memorable, you had to give him character. Now, the rules allow you to make him unique and special so you don’t have to make as much of an effort.

More cruch adversly affects the RP of the game. Now, instead of worrying about how I’m going to deal with the orc invasion, I have to insure I spec correctly so I can go EK (Elditch Knitght) for a couple of levels to get the ignore armor fizzle.

Pardon the blatan MMORPG speak, I was trying to prove a point. :)

but you proved nothing it sounds more like you are talking about 3rd than fourth.

Sean, I concur. To all of you that are bitching and moaning about rules: The game mechanics are nothing more than the skeleton of the game. It truly is a “make it your own” kind of game. If there is something in the game that you don’t like… change it. If there is a rule that you find to be to complex… change it. The most important aspect of the game is to have fun. If you’re a rules whore, then hey, there are the rules. Or if you’re like me, and the rules bore you, then do what is necessary to make it fun. The first rule of all table top RPG’s is that the DM is in charge, period. Not the books, not the players. And the DM’s job is to build a game that everyone will enjoy. Fourth edition seems to personify this point of view. Everything is much simpler, but inversely, the rules are there for the more mechanics-oriented gamers. For all of you that think that the books make the game… stop being posers.

MORE. Give me MORE. These are Great.

Oh my this is so awesome…..

the first one was funny, but I wish I could watch the rest…