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 Post subject: New Version In the Works
PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:27 pm 
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Hi, I'm in the process of making a new version, extending 43.4.0.

In the Weapon sheet, I've removed the references to the no longer existing various "Superior Implement Training (Monk) xxx" feats. This won't break anything, since the feats themselves were removed in a previous version. If there is any problem with Monks and the Superior Implement Training feat for their Ki Focus, then it will have to be fixed by extending the changes already made in a previous version to allow the selection of superior implements (Accurate Wand, etc.).

The main change I'm making is the addition of keyword-based item bonuses to the Attack values in the four Standard Attacks, when an At-Will power has been selected (as opposed to a basic weapon).

Example 1: Headband of Intellect (head slot item) grants a +1 item bonus to attack rolls for attacks which deal psychic damage. Therefore, if you select an At-Will power like Vicious Mockery (Bard) which has keywords psychic and charm, and you have the headband equipped, you should see the +1 reflected in the attack value. (I've tested it, and it works).

Example 2: Laurel Circlet (another head slot item) grants a +1 item bonus to attack rolls for attacks which have the charm effect. This coincidentally also gives a +1 with Vicious Mockery, but there is some extra work involved.

The AtWillPowers sheet has two columns for damage type, but (until now) none for effect type. "charm" is an effect type, not a damage type, and I don't want to mix up the two. So I've inserted two more columns into the AtWillPowers sheet for effect type. There are 500+ At-Will powers in the table, and it is going take me a couple of days to look them all up. I've got a subscription to the D&D Compendium, so I can do it on-line instead of using the manuals, which is both easier and includes any updates since the manuals were printed.

This also required adding columns to the MagicItems sheet to be able to input the keyword-based bonuses. (The regular item bonuses which are not dependent on damage or effect type are already there). That part is already done.

Along the way I've fixed a few bugs in the Weapons sheet which would have caused certain bonuses to not work right, such as the damage bonus for "energized" superior implements which depend on the damage type that a power does (similar to the item bonuses).

This is just a heads-up to the other developers, so that we don't work at cross-purposes.

I hope to get the new version out within a few days.


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